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AI: Behind-the-Scene Partner in Process Applications

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Welcome to the world of artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing, as showcased in Food Engineering's insightful article, "AI: Behind-the-Scene Partner in Process Applications."

The insightful piece covers why some AI implementations falter, highlighting the importance of project selection, and a clear digital transformation roadmap especially when it involves the complexity of AI. Without a defined strategy, AI pilots and projects can fail, creating a false narrative that the investment into these digital transformation efforts were futile.

But there's a practical approach. Rather than attempting an all-encompassing AI implementation spanning every aspect of plant operations, instead consider embedding AI into specific applications. For example, AI can monitor energy usage, conduct visual inspections of product quality, or predict machine failures. Automation vendors are already integrating AI into these applications, delivering tangible results.

Greg Powers, VP of Cool Stuff at Gray Solutions, captures the essence of AI's potential, stating, "Visual inspection automation (VIA) software goes beyond the capabilities of traditional machine vision in detecting anomalies and defects, even when products have natural variations. Using proven vision AI technology, manufacturers can scale production, reduce waste, and adapt to workforce changes while achieving even higher levels of quality control."

AI can be an invaluable partner in process applications, offering a more manageable and productive path towards manufacturing excellence.

Build your digital transformation roadmap and let AI innovation lead you to success!

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