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Fun Money: Unearthing 2023’s Quirky and Questionable Winners

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Alright, folks, it's that time of the year again, when Solutioneers tend to unleash their inner weirdos and put the "fun" back in Fun Money.

What’s Fun Money you ask?

Fun Money is the annual spectacle, we mean tradition, of giving Solutioneers $200 on something fun, exciting, and utterly selfish, then submitting a video of their escapade. The catch? Only those who submit a video get their $200 back, with a chance to pocket even more cash. It's a showcase of creativity that can be outright hilarious, heartwarmingly meaningful, or sometimes, just downright absurd.

Without further ado let's delve into the utterly baffling world of the 2023 Fun Money winners:

Bob Bove - 4th Place with "Birds Aren't Real"

Bob decided to tackle life's most pressing question: Are birds real or just government surveillance drones in disguise? We're still not entirely sure, but Bob's Fun Money entry did raise the "suspicion" meter considerably. They say, ‘curiosity killed the cat,’ but if the cat’s dead then who will kill the birds?   So many questions….

Clark Bullock - 3rd Place with "Intergalactic Frog Warrior Blanket"

There are honestly no words. Trust us, not even ChatGPT could wrap its AI brain around it. If anything ever exemplified (maybe to a fault) the Solutioneer outside-the-box thinking, Clark's 3rd place "Intergalactic Frog Warrior Blanket" certainly accomplished that.  Clark's unconventional creation served as an important reminder that in a world often tethered to logic, a dash of confusion can leave us questioning the very definition of fun and creativity.

Diego Burneo - 2nd Place with "Come with Me, See This Beautiful Story"

Diego, securing the 2nd place spot, opted for the heartwarming route with his Fun Money entry. He crafted a beautiful story that transcended the bizarre entries of most Solutioneers and touched our hearts in the process. (Spoiler Alert: she said yes).  In the midst of comical chaos, we were thankful for the heartfelt detour.

Brian Shoop - 1st Place with "Get Outta My Dreams"

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for, our 2023 Fun Money champion - Brian Shoop! He didn't try to win hearts with poetry or roses; he aimed to win over his better half with a golf cart makeover. His feeble but oh-so-hilarious attempts to pimp his ride had us rolling on the floor laughing and feeling the need to reach out to his wife Andrea with support. Brian, you're a comedic genius!

Fun Money is the annual reminder that Gray Solutions has some of the quirkiest, and occasionally questionably brilliant, ideas. This year's winners have taken us on a rollercoaster of absurdity, heartfelt moments, and head-scratching creativity. As we eagerly await the next round of mind-boggling entries in 2024, we can't help but wonder, "What were they thinking?" But hey, that's what makes Fun Money fun, right?

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