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Sweet Success: Automating A First-Of-A-Kind Red Sorghum Extract Process

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Get ready for a wild ride through the uncharted territory of sorghum as Gray Solutions and RedLeaf Biologics snag the spotlight in a recent case study featured in Control Engineering. This isn't your ordinary botanical bedtime story; it's a fascinating exploration of how RedLeaf's sorghum extract evolved from a groundbreaking first-of-a-kind process in the laboratory to a full-scale industrial masterpiece, all while staying true to its roots.

The article digs into the challenges and triumphs of this unprecedented journey Gray Solutions and RedLeaf embarked on, highlighting how old-school hardware seamlessly integrated with innovative solutions, creating a process as distinctive as the sorghum itself.

Throwing some serious brainpower into the mix, Solutioneers Kendon Jacobson and Wayne Noblin, share instrumental insights in making RedLeaf's vision for the plant's future, a reality.  Outlined in three phases, guided the development of automation systems tailored to unique extraction parameters.

The Control Engineering case study also underscores the critical role of open architecture, specifically Ignition's HMI and SCADA services, in facilitating the project's success. Ignition's scalable, web-based platform proved pivotal, allowing for efficient data collection, and seamless integration of quality data.

The combined Gray Solutions and RedLeaf team crushed obstacles and turned a seemingly abstract idea into a concrete reality, redefining the possibilities of production in a groundbreaking achievement for the industry. We’re proud to have been a part of this extraordinary collaboration and honored that this innovative project was featured by Control Engineering.   For an in-depth exploration of this sorghum sensation and its unparalleled journey, dive into the full case study here.

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