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Vice President, Sales + Marketing

As Vice President of Sales + Marketing, Daniel Lyrek has a passion for growth and taking on tough challenges. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kansas, he throws a powerful one-two punch of technical know-how and sales expertise.

In Daniel’s 15 years of experience, he’s crossed the industrial landscape, from distributors and hardware and software manufacturers to system integration. At Rockwell Automation, he played a key role as a DE+I leader, driving innovation, delivering industry-focused strategies, and orchestrating strategic re-orgs. All of these undertakings helped him expand his leadership skills.

Sure, Daniel has won some impressive sales awards, but he’s not one to brag about it. He’s not just about numbers; he’s about attracting talent to the manufacturing space, making it fun and engaging for everyone involved. That’s the approach he’s learned will lead teams to success.

What sets him apart? His love for challenges. While others run away, Daniel runs towards them, ready to find creative solutions and push the boundaries of what's possible. 

Beyond the hustle, you'll find him trying to keep up with his kids, hitting the pavement for a run, and traveling whenever possible.

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What does curiosity mean to you?

To be truly interested in understanding something but also to act and see how that action impacts something. Everything is evolving and I think curiosity is about trying to understand how things can change as well.


What’s the most fun/unusual place you’ve worked remotely?

On a sailboat on Lake Superior


What attracted you to Gray Solutions?

Given its age when I joined, the ability to be a part of the growth trajectory and the unique value proposition of a construction company that can also implement automation


Do you have a hidden talent?

I can whistle breathing in and out, so I can do it forever


What’s your favorite vacation spot?

The French Alps checking out a stage of the Tour de France


What’s your superpower IRL?

Unlimited energy


What’s on your bucket list to visit?



Window or aisle seat?