I'm an irrationally curious lifelong learner who is never satisfied with how we do it today. I’m always looking for new ways to use technology to improve operations, and innovate through automation.
Walker Mattox
Founder + CEO
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Founder + CEO

As Founder and CEO of Gray Solutions, Walker Mattox’s path to leadership was deliberately anything but traditional. Armed with a high school diploma, relentless curiosity, and a drive to tear the paper ceiling, Walker trusted his entrepreneurial instincts over a conventional educational path, pursuing opportunities that led him from political campaigns to startups.

Walker’s purpose has always been making the world better for people: creating real change through significant political and issue-based campaigns, leading complex digital healthcare projects for the government, and improving both the quality of life and quality of product for some of the world’s most recognizable consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

This outcome-focused experience was the catalyst for founding Gray Solutions in 2018 as a system integrator with an unconventional approach—a theme throughout Walker’s life. The company has experienced momentous growth because we thrive in the undefined, focusing not on what can’t be done, but rather what can.   

Walker leads our team of more than 275+ Solutioneers by the motto that leadership is not a skill that anyone is “good” at, nor is it a destination; it’s a continuous journey. It’s not about being the smartest person in the room, but rather surrounding yourself with talented, unconventional thinkers who want to challenge expectations. That’s how you drive change.

That innovative mindset has propelled Gray Solutions to success, earning recognition by Control Engineering as one of the top System Integrator Giants and being named the 2023 Rockwell Automation System Integrator of the Year, among other notable accolades.  

Outside of work, perhaps unsurprisingly, Walker’s interests are far-reaching. A self-proclaimed nerd and Trekkie (don’t debate him on the best captain; you will lose), he loves hitting the ski slopes, boating, or simply spending time with his dogs, Nemi and Zeus.

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What excites you about the industry?

We are in the middle of the largest shift in the relationship between humans and machines since the invention of the automobile. Being in the middle of this transformation presents boundless opportunities for our Solutioneers and customers.


What does curiosity mean to you?

Always asking why. Curiosity is the relentless pursuit of what if, why can’t we try this, and just never being comfortable with the status quo. I don’t believe that curiosity killed the cat, I think it gave it its nine lives.


When have you felt the most pride while working at Gray Solutions?

Watching our team grow, I have had the opportunity to watch people transform and bloom into amazing leaders through our short journey here. What’s more exciting is that we’re just getting started.


Who or what
inspires you?

I’m inspired by the possibilities. I have spent my career getting to see some wild ideas come to life and I’m always inspired to just see what comes next.


What is your leadership style?

Inspire. Drive. Adapt. I believe that we are our best selves when surrounded by different opinions and people. My role is to facilitate those discussions, clarify a vision and then drive the relentless implementation of that vision, but when it doesn’t work (we aren’t perfect) push for change.


What’s your superpower IRL?

Multi-threading. When there is a problem I can’t just focus on one part, everything has tentacles and I see them all. Like most superpowers, it can also be a weakness…


What are three things you can’t live without?

My Basenji (Nemi), Diet Coke, My Friends