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We're all about that sweet spot between the known and unknown—because that’s where we make the discoveries that drive progress. With relentless enthusiasm, our Solutioneers tackle challenges, celebrate achievements, and make cool discoveries along the way.

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What's a solutioneer?

Good question. It's our name for every team member at Gray Solutions. Each Solutioneer is a talented pro with a diverse range of skills and interests. By day they’re brilliant engineers, project managers, cybersecurity experts, safety specialists, and other curious folks. Off the clock they’re urban chicken farmers, private pilots, advanced homebrewers, and ultra marathoners, bringing a whole new level of awesomeness to every endeavor.

They are united as intellectual rebels with an insatiable curiosity powered by the desire to deliver outstanding results for our customers. Gray Solutions is where the best want to belong.

Meet Our Solutioneers
Where the best want to belong

Our Solutioneers are the best in their respective fields. From robotics and digital transformation to mechanical engineering and design implementation, they dominate the technical space. We can make the same boast about other departments: project management, HR, finance, business development, and, of course, marketing (full disclosure: they created this website). 

Joining our talented team of Solutioneers means you'll be surrounded by the best in the business with the chance to collaborate, learn, and grow in a dynamic and forward-thinking organization—and have a darn good time doing it. 

Join our team of Solutioneers and thrive.

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The good stuff
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Sure, we have the typical “competitive salary, paid vacation, healthcare, and 401(k) blah blah blah” that everyone else has, but we’re not here to be average. After all, the best and brightest in the business deserve top-notch benefits.

Engineer holding on to equipment.
  • Embrace the freedom to work from any U.S.-based location, whether that’s home, your favorite coffee shop, or one of our regional hubs. Create a productive environment that suits your lifestyle and preferences, and work anywhere you have internet access.

  • Stop counting vacation days and embrace the unlimited possibilities. Make the most of your time off: take the breaks you need, recharge, and come back energized.

  • We embrace the freedom to work from anywhere, but also understand the importance of coming together as a team. Once a year, we bring all our Solutioneers together from across the country for an epic meeting that energizes us. We spend a few unforgettable days bonding, collaborating, exchanging ideas, and having a blast.

  • Parenthood matters, whether your family grows through birth, adoption, or fostering. That's why we offer a generous 12 weeks of paid leave for all parents. Take the time you need to bond with your new child and create lifelong memories. Embrace parenthood without sacrificing your career or financial security.

  • We do everything we can to ensure your success. The GrayU comprehensive training programs will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel. Our commitment to continuous learning prepares every Solutioneer to tackle challenges and achieve remarkable career highs.

  • Our mentorship program is your secret weapon to leveling up. Connect with experienced pros who'll guide and support you by sharing their expertise.

  • Your physical and mental well-being matter to us, and we're dedicated to supporting your journey toward optimal health. With our comprehensive wellness program, you'll receive the tools and resources to nurture your body and mind.

  • You deserve more than a paycheck. That's why we're proud to be backed by Gray and offer an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) that allows you to own a significant 30% stake in the company. By becoming an owner, you share directly in the success and growth of the organization.

  • Competitive salary, 401(k), fully paid healthcare, and company-sponsored life and disability insurance.

Our leadership team encourages new thinking and innovation, and there's no such thing as a bad idea. That makes work challenging and lots of fun for our Solutioneers. Just ask them.

Jess Alas | People operations coordinator + 1980s horror flick fan
Gray Solutions works to maintain a healthy work-life integration. Your team works hard to make sure you are not bothered when you take time off, and you have the flexibility when you need it.
Amy Johnson | Office Manager + Foster care advocate
Work has given me so many fun memories. It’s not uncommon to hear belly laughs around the office or enjoy a fun (occasional) prank. It is truly the best company I have ever worked for!
Andrea Shoop | Commissioning Engineer + Crafting, running, working mom
I appreciate the leadership team recognizing the importance of supporting activities outside of work like book club. It’s allowed me to grow and strengthen relationships with Solutioneers that I may not otherwise interact with often, or at all.

Our commitments

At Gray Solutions, we live by the core value, “We treat others the way we want to be treated, where everyone is welcomed and respected.” Our commitment extends from the hiring process through employment. Everyone deserves to be treated equally, fairly, and respectfully, and to know your rights, so please take a moment to dig into what you can expect as both an applicant and an employee.