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Revolutionizing the Game: How Gray Solutions is Powering the Future of Industrial Automation

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In a dynamic feature by Control Engineering, Greg Powers, Vice President of Cool Stuff at Gray Solutions, uncovers our forward-thinking approach to industrial automation. A standout case study showcases our collaboration with a pet food manufacturer on a mission to revolutionize its sampling process.

Rather than sticking with the old-school pneumatic tube system, we rolled out a revolutionary solution: autonomous mobile robots powered by lithium batteries. This initiative was more than a nod to our knack for uncovering cost-saving gems; it mirrors our commitment to pushing and reshaping industry norms.

Greg Powers spotlights the superiority of lithium batteries in AMRs and AGVs, stating, "Rechargeable batteries are much more efficient than long conveyors with many motors.” This strategic shift not only turned out to be a win for cost-efficiency but also streamlined production lines across the board.

Powers underscores the importance of sustainability, noting, “Since we are heavily involved in building manufacturing facilities, reduction in emissions and greenhouse gases is always a consideration in adopting these technologies or processes for greenfields.”

Our journey with this leading pet food giant showcases the Gray Solutions spirit—digging deep to find the perfect solution for their needs, one that ramps up efficiency and challenges the status quo.

Dive deeper into the full article by Control Engineering here.

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