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We thrive on challenges others might shy away from. Our talented Solutioneers, skilled in automation, OT design, robotics, and data, are always ready to tackle any hurdle head-on and provide you with a game-changing solution tailored to your needs.
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Modernizing your legacy control system increases operational uptime, minimizes the risk of human error, and keeps things running smoothly and efficiently to meet demand. Get the next generation of advanced automation and controls, customized for the way you work.

When data from the plant floor is scattered and disconnected, your productivity and strategic decision-making are compromised. By connecting and optimizing that information, you can improve resource utilization, minimize risk, reduce expenses, and create a future-ready business. Mic drop. 

(Metaphorically. Our Solutioneers have asked us to please not drop sensitive electronic equipment.)

We can manage even the most ambitious mission-critical projects from end-to-end, carrying you from project design through production. We flex to meet your needs, collabing with your preferred vendors or leveraging our Gray family of brands including construction, engineering design, project management, equipment integration, and structural analysis.

Think your network configuration puzzle is unsolvable? Challenge accepted. Our Solutioneers will strengthen your network's cyber defenses, minimizing downtime risk and cyber threats while boosting system reliability and availability. All in a day’s work.

Designing or upgrading your production process demands industry expertise and ingenuity—which is exactly what we deliver. We’ll modernize workflows, optimize operations, and reduce both costly mistakes and labor-intensive tasks. Solutioneers or superheroes? You decide.

Redefine what’s possible by embracing automation in the form of steel collar workers. AMRs (like Spot® the robot dog) and AGVs do the mundane or dangerous jobs your human employees shouldn’t, and vision systems help you see the unseen. The future is here.

Throw out everything you think you know about customer support—we’ve reinvented it. Our seasoned team starts with an onsite visit, and receives continuous training to ensure they can solve any problem, 24/7, with creativity and warmth. Prepare to be wowed.

A powerhouse of talent

Our Solutioneers are the not-so-secret sauce that fuels our success. Driven by insatiable curiosity, they are the best in their fields (humblebrag), refusing to settle for the status quo to deliver the most innovative solution every time.

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