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AI and Robotics: Into the Future of Food & Beverage Engineering

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In an exciting exploration of the future of food and beverage engineering, Gray dives into the realm of robotic automation solutions—a game-changer encompassing automated picking solutions, machine perception, and artificial intelligence (AI). These transformative solutions are poised to tackle some of the most challenging problems.

Benefits of Ai and Robotics include:

  • Reduction/mitigation of ergonomic injuries
  • Reduced or eliminated human contact with food products
  • Increased production through continuous operation
  • Augmentation of tasks traditionally difficult for humans
  • Enhanced safety for both personnel and food products
  • Addressing labor shortages in the food manufacturing sector
  • Reduced risk of food contamination
  • Compliance with regulations like the Food Modernization and Safety Act (FSMA)
  • Improved efficiency and productivity in the food & beverage industry
  • And more!

Our own VP of Cool Stuff, Greg Powers and Sr. Applications Engineer Rick Graff, helped Gray unravel the myriad benefits and discussed how embracing robotic automation can propel the food and beverage industry into the future. See the full article

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