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Robotic System Integration
Robot nerds and integration experts unite

Robots are physically impressive, but without the expertise to program them, they’re all style, no substance. And let's face it, one robot functioning unilaterally won't cut it for most plants. Robots are team players who work better together. There are many robot nerds out there, but very few experts capable of making sophisticated robotic systems work impeccably. You need someone who understands the inner workings of your facility and how robotics fit into the bigger picture.

At Gray Solutions you get both: robotics experts and unrivaled system integrators. Plus, we take a consultative approach, ensuring we consider all the possible impacts of bringing robotics to your plant floor, eliminating unwelcome surprises.

  • We make the impossible, possible Your trusted partner for out-of-this-world robotics and vision solutions.
  • Robotic systems don't come cheap Fear not, we'll help you perform an ROI analysis to justify that CapEx investment. Prepare to impress the bean counters.
  • Our job doesn't end there Once we've implemented a mind-blowing robotics and vision solution, we provide comprehensive bot master training and support.
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At Gray Solutions, we thrive in the space between challenges and solutions. Our Solutioneers work with cutting-edge tech partners to lead the smart manufacturing revolution for our customers. Get to know us and see what we're all about.

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