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Your OT network, your rules

In every digital transformation journey, demand for flawlessly configured OT servers and data virtualization skyrockets. With an ever-growing army of connected assets, you face even more pressure to securely store and deliver data to keep operations flowing smoothly. But managing OT asset data is a whole different ball game from maintaining your typical enterprise server. You need a partner who will do more than nod and follow the standard playbook; you need someone who knows how to listen, think creatively, and craft a configuration that screams "you." Because your unique requirements deserve nothing less than a customized solution, and that’s exactly what our Solutioneers live (and love) to deliver.

  • Send hackers running Not every server needs your enterprise's attention, but when it does, we've got the skills to set up industrial demilitarized zones (IDMZs) that would make hackers cry.
  • What you need, whenever you need it Plant floors demand workstations and servers that are "always on," and we know how to make it happen without breaking a sweat.
  • The best of both worlds Balance your unique data needs with optimized storage solutions that keep mission-critical data within arm’s reach on-premise while giving the secondary data a one-way ticket to the cloud.
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