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Fortifying the OT network: solving the unsolvable puzzle

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Your OT network is the backbone that holds your plant floor together. If a connection goes kaput or some chunk of your network gets compromised, it’s going to be a bad day. If you think your manager loses their mind when the printer’s out of paper, just wait until this happens. Halted production and potential safety risks are not just major headaches, but also serious mishaps that can derail progress and cause significant harm. That’s why it’s critical to prioritize taking measures to address these challenges and safeguard the productivity of your operations and well-being of your people.

But here's the catch: OT network responsibilities often fall into the hands of automation and controls experts who may have limited knowledge about networking, or IT staff who may not fully understand the priorities of the plant floor. 

At Gray Solutions, we don't need scare tactics to win your business. But let's get real— understanding the risks of your OT network is downright crucial. Think your network configuration puzzle is unsolvable? Challenge accepted. With our deep expertise and insatiable curiosity, our team of Solutioneers are armed and ready to dive into the possible. We’ll fortify your network, revamp your cyber defenses, and make you look good in the process.

Having a rock-solid OT network isn’t optional if you want to sleep at night. We’re here to give you confidence in your network so you can relax, knowing your OT infrastructure is fortified and secure.

All pros. No cons.

Unleash visibility

See your OT network like never before

Reduce risk

Crush potential threats and vulnerabilities

Increase availability

Because downtime is preventable

Ensure network reliability

Build a secure, scalable network that doesn’t let you down

Example applications

Risk-based security assessments

If you chase every cyber threat under the sun, you’ll make zero progress. Instead, we use a risk-based approach guided by the NIST framework to nail cybersecurity assessments. No wasted efforts, just precise maneuvers driven by potential risks.

Continuous threat detection

Cybersecurity efforts must be ongoing and evolve as fast as threats do. With tools such as Claroty Continuous Threat Detection, you can keep your OT assets locked down. Stay ahead, stay protected, no compromises.

Secure remote access

Cybersecurity is a big enough hassle to your operations, so delivering effortless maintenance and troubleshooting is the least we can do. We’ll bring in the big guns, including industry-leading tools like Claroty Secure Remote Access to keep things reliable and secure.

Relevant industries

  • Chemical
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food + Beverage
  • Life Sciences


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